About Actions for Survival


To be recognised as an educational provider of enjoyable, quality training.

Mission Statement

To be recognised as a leader in first aid training across New Zealand by using fun, innovative, quality and compliant methods.

Our Timeline

Actions for Survival was conceived in 2004 with the original concept to deliver a broad selection of quality emergency training courses to the medical and care industry ranging from basic first aid to advanced pre hospital emergency care.

In 2005 Actions for Survival purchased an established Private Training Establishment (PTE) with experience in the field of First Aid since 1999. The company went through a restructuring and branding process resulting in Actions For Survival Training Limited becoming a leading provider of First Aid Training in New Zealand.

Beginning of 2015 Actions for Survival underwent further restructuring and branding to highlight our company strengths and remain a leading First Aid provider in New Zealand.

Who we are

The Directors of the company have extensive experience working in the emergency services and nursing. This experience is used and reflected in both the courses and the materials used.

We believe that actions speak louder than words and seek to reach clients from a diverse range of backgrounds with varied learning abilities. Our clients are the mechanism that drives our organisation, meeting their needs, challenges and expectations are the minimum requirements towards achieving success.

Our philosophy centres on the belief that we have a unique opportunity to reach many people, break down barriers and perceptions built over many years that have resulted in fear and an unwillingness to participate in saving others’ lives. Our culture is built around encouraging and developing skills that breeds confidence and makes a difference for our students, our client and the victim of a life threatening experience.

Training should be accessible to all and we seek to keep our costs to a competitive whilst maintaining courses of a high quality. We ensure a focus on recognising different learning styles and endeavour to deliver training that reaches all areas of the community.

Actions for Survival’s belief and commitment to making a difference, distinguishes us as a company with purpose beyond general business goals. We care about our customer, our staff but most of all what we are trying to achieve.

Core Values

We believe we have a responsibility to deliver innovative methods of training that will encourage skill development resulting in students having the confidence to provide care in an emergency situation and ultimately saving lives in New Zealand.

Responsible – Saving lives matter and as a training provider we have an opportunity to reach people who can ultimately make a difference.

Quality – Our desire is to deliver courses of the highest quality whilst making them accessible to as many people as possible.

Progressive – We recognise that we are individuals and therefore, learn differently. We are continually exploring new methods of delivery.

Professional Development – We believe in continuing education and professional development being an essential component to enable the company to evolve.