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Discover our first aid advice, from choking to CPR, and learn how to save a life.


Here at Actions for Survival we are no strangers to life threatening emergencies. Our team consists of former Paramedics and current and former Nurses who have all dealt with emergencies and scenarios similar to what we teach in our programs. Although we are fully equipped to deal with an emergency, nothing quite prepares you for… Read More

Ever wonder what is covered in a First Aid course? Sure, you know that CPR will be taught, but what else will fill the rest of the day? Before I came to be a part of the Actions team I didn’t know much about First Aid – I’d heard of CPR and of phrases like… Read More

Happy New Year! Here at Actions for Survival we are working hard on various projects to get out there and train more New Zealanders how to save a life. We are straight back into it this year with our First Aid Trainers travelling across the country to deliver our First Aid courses to your organisations… Read More

Last week, the Actions team witnessed and responded to a real life emergency. The ones involved learnt a lot in this situation and it highlighted a few things about what we teach and why we teach them. In our teaching, we use scenarios in our assessments, we do this to give a proper understanding of… Read More

This past weekend, Actions for Survival, delivered our 2 yearly First Aid course out at the spooky yet incredibly fun, Spookers. Spookers is the #1 Haunted Attraction Scream Park in New Zealand and usually they keep their visitors on their toes, wondering what is around the corner - this time though, it was us who… Read More

‘Purple Day’ is an international effort dedicated to raising awareness about epilepsy worldwide. This year it falls on Thursday 26th, of March. To find out a little bit more about Epilepsy in New Zealand and what help is available for people who suffer from Epilepsy I sat down with Brian Barnett from the Epilepsy Foundation… Read More

Here at Actions for Survival we care about your health, and more importantly, we care about teaching you how to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, obesity and strokes. One of the biggest things to get under control to help prevent all of the above is your weight, and the best way to… Read More

With all the yummy food available at Christmas we have a tendency to go overboard, but what if some of that food gets stuck? Would you know what to do to save someone or yourself from choking? Things to look out for: - Difficulty breathing - Clutching of throat - Unable to speak or cough… Read More