The Importance of ‘The Blood Scene’ | Actions for Survival

This past weekend, Actions for Survival, delivered our 2 yearly First Aid course out at the spooky yet incredibly fun, Spookers.

Spookers is the #1 Haunted Attraction Scream Park in New Zealand and usually they keep their visitors on their toes, wondering what is around the corner – this time though, it was us who kept them on their toes as we got to turn the tables and deliver one of our Blood Scenes in their ‘Butchery’.

Why do Actions for Survival deliver Blood Scenes?

On our 2 day Intermediate First Aid courses you are treated to a realistic, yet very fake, blood scene. We feel it is important to perform these as they help the students prepare for a real life and death situation.

For some people, if blood tends to get you a bit on the queezy side, it might feel like you can’t do this, but that is another great reason why we do these scenes. It shows people that they can do it, and they can help to save a life. And the best thing about it, it’s 100% fake!

This is always such a highlight for our students & our team enjoy delivering and sometimes even playing the ‘victim’.

Check out these photos of our Training Manager and one of our Instructors doing just that at the Spookers course last weekend..

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It’s always great to see the students jumping in and applying the knowledge they have just learnt to these scenes, the team at Spookers did an amazing job!

If you want to see what the fuss is all about and learn how to save a life whilst having fun, then click here to book onto one of our Public Courses.

Also head along and click through to the Spookers website to see how you can have a thrilling and spooky experience. 

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