Would you know what to do? | Choking

With all the yummy food available at Christmas we have a tendency to go overboard, but what if some of that food gets stuck? Would you know what to do to save someone or yourself from choking?

Things to look out for:

– Difficulty breathing
– Clutching of throat
– Unable to speak or cough effectively, or no noise at all
– Grey/Blue skin colour
– Wheezing
– Individual may seem distressed

If you see someone experiencing any of the above, it’s time to take ACTION!

How to take ACTION!

For an Adult (ages 8 +) and Child (ages 1 – 8) – lean them forward and deliver 5 sharp blows between the shoulder blades with the heel of your hand, if this doesn’t clear the obstruction then stand behind them, reach around and place a closed fist on the choking person’s chest, link your hands and provide up to 5 quick inward & upward thrusts.

For an Infant (ages 0 – 12 months) – Open the baby’s mouth and look for visible obstructions, sit on a chair and place baby face down along your forearm, support the baby’s jaw using a ‘C’ grip and give 5 back slaps. If the obstruction doesn’t clear then sandwich the baby between your arms and turn the baby over onto their back and give 5 chest thrusts using 2 fingers, remembering to support the head and neck.


– If the obstruction is not cleared, call 111.
– Continue to repeat above steps until airway is cleared or help arrives.
– If you are the one choking, drop hard and fast over the back of a chair.
– Go and see your doctor after receiving treatment for choking, especially for infants.

Please note; all of this information is advisory only. If you wish to be fully qualified to save a life, please make a booking with us!

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