Free First aid Training

First Aid for All - a community project

Step 1

Signing up is as simple as finding on a computer, tablet or mobile. Click on the ‘join us’ button then enter a name, email address and the organisational code that has been provided. 

Step 2

Complete the online section which is divided into three segments. This covers all the theory needed to complete a fully recognised workplace first aid certificate.

Step 3

At this stage the learner can finish here and they will receive a  certificate acknowledging the completion of  the online     component. Alternatively they can continue and obtain a    recognised NZQA qualification by completing step four.

Step 4

The learner attends a pre-arranged assessment session lasting four hours. Here they will apply the theory and put it into practice by completing some practical assessments.

Step 5

Unit standards are reported, student certificates are issued and a contribution is made towards the agreed community project. Learners can obtain free downloads of posters, emergency call plan cards and a first aid manual. We will even remind them where possible when their refresher course is due.