Actions for Survival’s Chronicle

2 November 2004

Actions for Survival was founded

We came together in October 2004 and a month later formerly launched our company.

17 April 2007

Actions for Survival Training Limited is launched

AFST was launched after AFS acquired Corporate Safety Limited in 2005 an NZQA registered company and accredited as a private training establishment.

1 November 2016

Actions For Survival Transport Training Limited

Formerly launched the transport training arm of our business

1 March 2018

First Aid for All

AFS launched its community-based project designed to make first aid available to everyone in the country free of charge. From these courses AFS is donating back to agreed community based projects, one of which is to get more defibrillators ready and accessible in the community.

Actions speak louder than words

We began our journey in 2004 and quickly established ourselves a reputation for delivering quality, fun, and innovative courses. This was undertaken with imagination, integrity, relentless passion and expertise.

Along the way, we learned much about the industry and invested time and energy to ensure not only our compliance with the training requirements but actively engaged in working towards the raising of standards in the first aid industry.

In our continuing drive forwards we aim to use our position as a platform to make a difference in the community. We know training can be expensive and extremely time-consuming. Our aim is to counter both these hurdles with our new program.

Our core beliefs remain the same, teach life-saving skills combined with developing a persons confidence to manage a medical emergency. We believe these skills can be life-changing not only for your family but also for a complete stranger who may be the recipient of your care.

Actions journey began in 2004

We believe that the skills to save a life is something all New Zealanders should possess. Whilst these skills are important, having the confidence to use them in a medical emergency is a focal point of our training.

We began working on an idea which would break down barriers and make accessible, first aid training to all members of the community.

From this idea was borne First Aid for All, a community-based project that allows people to learn free of charge and then if they choose to, obtain a recognised first aid qualification.

In addition to this, the project lends itself to raising funds for pre-agreed community projects. One of our goals is to increase the number of accessible defibrillators available to members of the community.

A community project designed to break down barriers

FIRST AID FOR ALL is up and running

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