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The Actions For Survival team is committed to doing just that and providing as much help as possible to ensure more lives are saved in   New Zealand in 2022.

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Exciting things are happening here at Actions for Survival. It’s time to start sharing our aspirations with you. We have a firmly held belief that first aid training should be available to as many New Zealanders as possible. We also believe there should be more qualified first aiders across the country than at present. First Aid as far as we are concerned is a life skill. We should learn as we grow up developing a proficiency that remains with us throughout our lives. With this ambition in mind, we have launched “First Aid for All, a community project”.

First Aid for All provides the opportunity to learn first aid online completely free of charge. Completed at your convenience at your own pace. The concept offers learning that isn’t scary and reinforces knowledge. Above all it develops a person’s confidence to manage a medical emergency should the need arise. Once registered a learner can review the content. They learn about the skills needed to make that difference.

The program provides the same standard of training and information received in a traditional classroom first aid course. There is even an online tutor available to answer any questions concerning the course that may arise. It was critical that the course offers real alternatives to traditional classes. Critically it meets New Zealand’s first aid training requirements and compliance with industry standards.

The learning of first aid skills is vital and its importance not underestimated. Having qualified first aid personnel is a workplace requirement. It is necessary for businesses to have a specific number of people trained. Remember medical emergencies can occur at any time, anywhere. Last week in the UK, draft legislation was announced that states both primary and secondary school children would have to learn first aid. It follows calls for compulsory first aid training in schools following the Manchester Arena terror attack in May 2017.

The incident resulted in the deaths of 22 people. The Lord Kerslake inquiry that followed found that many people attempted to provide emergency care.  It reported people “did not appear familiar with first aid principles”. It suggests that while people were willing to help those that were dying, many lacked the knowledge and skills to assist.

We want to ensure that the situation does not repeat itself in New Zealand. To assist with this goal, we have made the learning components for First Aid for All available at no cost. Yes to affirm, the learning is entirely free of charge.

Assessment and Community Benefits

Following the successful completion of the learning, there is an opportunity to convert your efforts into a recognised first aid qualification. The cost reduction is significant from the industry norm. Many will be quite happy with the opportunity to gain the knowledge for free. That is awesome; they are already first aid heroes in our book.

First Aid for All is designed to benefit the community. Complete the registration for the online learning through either Actions for Survival or one of our agreed organisational groups. These groups include but are not limited to schools, churches, early childhood education centres, sports associations, and maraes’.

So what is the cost of an assessment? With other equivalent courses in the industry charging between $180 and $230 per head, we wanted to make our assessments as cost-effective and as accessible as possible. So, the learning is free, whatever you decide. If you choose to take the assessment, then the assessment course cost is the equivalent of $60.00 per head plus GST plus NZQA reporting costs of $7.90.

The course cost is $1,200 and designed for groups of up to twenty people plus GST plus NZQA reporting costs of $7.90 per head. From this amount Actions for Survival will donate $200 per course towards an agreed community-based project.

The organisations involved are openly encouraged to not only get their learners assessed but to invite as many other people, groups and businesses as they can. For each completed assessment we deliver, the organisation concerned will receive a further $200 towards their agreed community-based project.

If you wish to take the opportunity to obtain a fully recognised first-aid certificate, then you need to register for an assessment. The assessment dates are already established. Therefore select from the available options.

The assessments take a minimum of four hours to complete. They are practical and the same as those undertaken in a regular face to face classroom course.

Upon successful completion of the assessment, the learner will have achieved unit standards 6402, 6401 and 6400. This meets the New Zealand requirements for a recognised workplace first-aid certificate.

Making a Difference

It is proven that defibrillators have a significant impact on survival outcomes from sudden cardiac arrest.

First Aid for All’s mission is to increase the number of accessible defibrillators in the community. Far too often they are located in areas that are not accessible 24/7.

The goal is to work towards ensuring that every school, marae, church, sports associations and early childhood education centre has at least one accessible defibrillator available on its premises.

First Aid for All is working to provide defibrillators at the best possible price. When it comes to the provision of defibrillators, there are no gimmicks, no profits and no commissions being accessed by either Actions for Survival or First Aid for All. We believe that defibrillators should be for all and accessible to all wherever possible.

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