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….. unwell that it is diagnosed.

If ignored, the person’s condition will continue to decline, ultimately leading to a diabetic coma. When high blood glucose levels are prevalent, some or all of the following clues may be present. The person may complain of feeling insatiably thirsty, a dry mouth and report frequent urination. Their skin appears dry; their eyes are sunken, a clear indicator of dehydration. The speed of the person’s pulse significantly increases, their breathing becoming faster. They may complain of pain in their abdomen accompanied by nausea and vomiting. A history of recent weight loss may be another indicator of the developing condition. One obvious clue consistent with high blood glucose levels is a smell on the person’s breath. The smell of acetone is commonly described as fruity or sweet-smelling.

For more information and support check out Diabetes New Zealand at https://www.diabetes.org.nz

Tomorrow we will look at the actions to take when uncertainty exists about whether blood glucose levels are high or low. 

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