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…..priority is controlling any major bleeding using direct pressure. Where able, get the person with the injury to apply the pressure using a clean dressing where possible. Secure in place with a second dressing as needed. If you notice any fluid leaking from the nose or ears, cover the area with a sterile dressing. Ensure someone remains with the injured person; do not leave them alone monitoring their level of consciousness and breathing. Do not forget other injuries may be present and require attention. Keep the person warm but do not overheat them.

If an injury has occurred during participation in a sporting activity, the current recommendations are that the person does NOT participate further but is checked by a medical professional. Health Navigator New Zealand offers following advice of self-care following a minor head injury.

“If you or a family member has a minor head injury with no worrying symptoms, try these ideas. If you have any concern at all, see your doctor.

  • Apply ice or a cool pack for 10 to 20 minutes, every 2 to 4 hours, for the next day or two. (Wrapped ice or a pack of frozen vegetables will work well.) This will reduce swelling of the scalp and help with the pain.
  • Drink only clear fluids for the first 2 hours, to reduce the chance of vomiting.
  • Take nothing stronger than paracetamol for pain.
  • Rest – Someone must stay with the injured person if they sleep.
  • Check every 2 hours to see if the person wakes easily (if asleep) and responds normally. Check that their behaviour and movements are normal and that they know who they are and where they are.
  • A responsible person should stay with the person for 48 hours after the injury.
  • The injured person shouldn’t drink any alcohol for 24 hours.”

Tomorrow we will look at Concussion…..

For great health information check out Health Navigator New Zealand where you will find expert opinion online.

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Currently, there are temporary changes to the steps to be followed in resuscitation. These can be found in the video below or by clicking here to see the New Zealand Resuscitation Council temporary guideline recommendation. 

Click the link to go to the New Zealand Resuscitation Council Covid-19 recommended modifications for delivering resuscitation whilst the pandemic remains a threat. Click play to see a short video outlining CPR modifications that should be followed during the pandemic.

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Data and information are fact-checked against various recognised sources, including the New Zealand Resuscitation Council, Health Navigator New Zealand, St John, and other recognised entities specialising in the specific subject content. It should be noted that variances in protocols exist and where necessary are identified.

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