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The Actions For Survival team is committed to doing just that and providing as much help as possible to ensure more lives are saved in   New Zealand in 2022.

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A solution to the perception of being intimidating in the first instance is as discussed yesterday. The tone, friendliness, and personalising the conversation significantly impacts how we engage with a person. Another helpful solution with an instant effect would be to crouch down, so the verbal engagement occurs at that person’s eye line. It will help remove what may be perceived as an uncomfortable situation for both parties.

Talking with children at a medical emergency may prove a challenge in itself. Crouching down, speaking quietly helps to create a calm environment. The use of deflection tactics will also help. Asking a child to assist you for example “can you hold this” or “can you see the man over there, can you watch him for me and make sure he is ok?” If available a favourite toy such as a teddy may serve to comfort the child. This will allow for any treatment required to be undertaken.

Click here to find out how you can learn first aid for FREE

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