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“If you’re camping – before you light a campfire or bonfire go to www.checkitsalright.nz to check the local fire danger and fire season.”

“A fire permit may be required if it’s a restricted fire season. If the weather’s too hot and windy, hold off lighting that fire so it doesn’t get out of control.”

“If you are having a campfire, make sure there is nothing close by that could catch fire and once done, pour water over it and ensure it is completely out.”

“One stray spark could easily start a wildfire in the hot and dry conditions we’re expecting this summer.”

“Don’t light fireworks in windy or dry conditions.”

“Make sure you have working smoke alarms in your bach or caravan. It can be easy to forget when it’s not your everyday home, but smoke alarms save lives.”

“If you’re bringing out the BBQ – make sure it’s clean, there are no gas leaks and you’re using it in a well-ventilated area away from anything that could catch fire.”

“And just like at home – don’t drink and fry.”

Follow these handy hints to stay safe over summer and make sure your holiday isn’t ruined by a devastating fire.

This information came from the Fire and Emergency NZ website, click on the link for more handy ideas.

Tomorrow we will continue with our countdown to Christmas Day and safety tips….

For great health information check out Health Navigator New Zealand where you will find expert opinion online.

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Currently, there are temporary changes to the steps to be followed in resuscitation. These can be found in the video below or by clicking here to see the New Zealand Resuscitation Council temporary guideline recommendation. 

Click the link to go to the New Zealand Resuscitation Council Covid-19 recommended modifications for delivering resuscitation whilst the pandemic remains a threat. Click play to see a short video outlining CPR modifications that should be followed during the pandemic.

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Data and information are fact-checked against various recognised sources, including the New Zealand Resuscitation Council, Health Navigator New Zealand, St John, and other recognised entities specialising in the specific subject content. It should be noted that variances in protocols exist and where necessary are identified.

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