What's More Important Than Saving Lives?

The Actions For Survival team is committed to doing just that and providing as much help as possible to ensure more lives are saved in   New Zealand in 2022.

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…..providing unless otherwise directed by a medical professional.

2. This will allow the medics to gather their equipment, make an assessment of the person and begin the administration of advanced care.

3. Be prepared to provide as many details as you can about the emergency, the history if known, about what has happened, the name, age and any known illness you may have been told about.

4. You may see the medics use a different type of defibrillator, administer drugs via an injection or a drip, or put tubes into the victim’s mouth. Do no be alarmed by this, it is normal practice. If you use an onsite defibrillator leave the pads in place and only remove them when the medics direct you to do so.

5. Often a first responder is left at the scene of an emergency not knowing what has happened to the person and nobody has even said thank you. Unfortunately this is the nature of emergency care. If however you are involved in a medical emergency after completing one of our courses, we would like to hear about it. Whether you think you have been successful or not it is important to be able to talk about your experience, furthermore we would like the opportunity to say thank you for trying to assist somebody.

6. You are an important asset to the emergency services personnel and your assistance in whatever form it may take is greatly appreciated.

REMEMBER: Actions speak louder that words and something is better than nothing

Tomorrow we will start our look at Choking….

For great health information check out Health Navigator New Zealand where you will find expert opinion online.

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Currently, there are temporary changes to the steps to be followed in resuscitation. These can be found in the video below or by clicking here to see the New Zealand Resuscitation Council temporary guideline recommendation. 

Click the link to go to the New Zealand Resuscitation Council Covid-19 recommended modifications for delivering resuscitation whilst the pandemic remains a threat. Click play to see a short video outlining CPR modifications that should be followed during the pandemic.

Click here to find out how you can learn first aid for FREE

To learn more from the experts about previously covered conditions click their logo below.


Data and information are fact-checked against various recognised sources, including the New Zealand Resuscitation Council, Health Navigator New Zealand, St John, and other recognised entities specialising in the specific subject content. It should be noted that variances in protocols exist and where necessary are identified.

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