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…..dinner. She replied to my text with…..Glig…..I thought it was a bit strange and then my phone rang, it was my friend. I said, “hi there, how are you doing?”

Her reply was quite bazaar….here words were non-coherent…..I asked if she was ok, but her reply made no sense. Though she was using words, they were all jumbled and out of place. She had had a stroke 2 years previous.

I asked again if she was ok, but again, her reply was jumbled. I told her I would come and visit her soon and we said goodbye.

I got straight off the phone and I called her son. I asked him if his Mum was ok…..he said that the last time he spoke to her she was fine. I told him what had just happened and that I think she was having another stroke. He lived close by and he went straight around to her. Within the hour she was in Middlemore Hospital and is now on the road to recovery…….though her speech had been affected, her outlook is looking good.

We would like to thank Angela for providing her story.

FACE is their face drooping on one side? Can the person smile?

ARM is one arm weak? Can the person raise both arms?

SPEECH is their speech jumbled or slurred? Can the person speak at all?

TAKE ACTION Call 111 straight away, DO NOT DELAY.

Stroke Association NZ recommend “If any of the signs of stroke are recognised, don’t wait, call 111 straight away. Don’t call your doctor, or drive yourself – get help immediately. Ambulance staff want to hear from you if you recognise the F.A.S.T. signs – call 111 and tell them it’s a stroke.

Below is a short video highlighting what you need to know.

For more information, help and advice, check out the support the Stroke Association NZ click the image below:

Tomorrow we will look at our second real life stroke medical emergency…..

For great health information check out Health Navigator New Zealand where you will find expert opinion online.

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Currently, there are temporary changes to the steps to be followed in resuscitation. These can be found in the video below or by clicking here to see the New Zealand Resuscitation Council temporary guideline recommendation. 

Click the link to go to the New Zealand Resuscitation Council Covid-19 recommended modifications for delivering resuscitation whilst the pandemic remains a threat. Click play to see a short video outlining CPR modifications that should be followed during the pandemic.

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Data and information are fact-checked against various recognised sources, including the New Zealand Resuscitation Council, Health Navigator New Zealand, St John, and other recognised entities specialising in the specific subject content. It should be noted that variances in protocols exist and where necessary are identified.

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