What's More Important Than Saving Lives?

The Actions For Survival team is committed to doing just that and providing as much help as possible to ensure more lives are saved in   New Zealand in 2022.

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…. and a contact phone number for his daughter are presented to the ambulance crew.

The ambulance crew record the details before commencing some tests. They show Bob’s blood pressure to be low. Bob is then placed in the ambulance and taken to the hospital. The information gathered during this period is vital, especially if the person in difficulty were to become unresponsive. The information gathered at the scene was passed onto the ambulance crew. This, in turn, will be passed on to the medical team at the hospital. This chain of events is something a first responder will often start and becomes the foundation for the whole care process.

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Check out the current guidelines below for changes in delivering CPR during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click the link to go to the New Zealand Resuscitation Council Covid-19 recommended modifications for delivering resuscitation whilst the pandemic remains a threat.

Click play to see a short video outlining CPR modifications that should be followed during the pandemic.

Click here to find out how you can learn first aid for FREE

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