Welcome to the first Actions for Survival's competition to find another First Aid Hero. A First Aid Hero to us is someone who completes a first aid course. Why? I can hear the descent now. "It's for their work, that's not a hero". "They do it because they have to". We disagree, the reason doesn't matter. A person that commits themselves and goes through a course, who then passes assessments and develops the knowledge to act in a medical emergency is a SUPERHERO in waiting, as far as we are concerned.

Our competition is about finding another Superhero in the making. Below there is a scenario, it's a serious situation. All you have to do is list below the seven steps you will take to manage the emergency.

It was a wet day, and I was running late,
when I heard a call from a lady coming through a gate.
"Help!" she cried "It's my son, he has hurt his head,
he got out of the pool, slipped and fell, I think he is dead."

 "Please come with me I'll take you in my car,
it's just up the driveway it's not very far."
We walked around the back finding him on the ground,
he lies motionless, he makes no sound.

 Under the canopy stands a woman with a child sheltering from the weather,
she looks concerned stating that the kids were just playing together.
He hasn't moved a muscle since he fell,
I didn't know what to do, he looks so unwell.