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Company/Organisation Bookings

$160.00 (GST Inc) Intermediate First Aid (6402, 6401 & 6400: Workplace) 
$60.00 (GST Inc) Day 2 only

(day 2 is only for those who have already completed day 1 of a workplace course within the previous three months)

$ 110.00 (GST Inc) Basic First Aid (6402, 6401)

$60.00 (GST Inc) Basic Life Support (6402) 4 hours
$ 110.00 (GST Inc) Refresher per person 


Welcome to the course booking page for companies and organisations. Here you will find the booking form on the left and below it our prices for a course for up to 20 members of your team. These courses are all face to face versions conducted in a classroom environment.

The hours listed * are the minimum hours teaching and assessment time required to meet compliance with the first aid training requirements. Breaks are additional to these times.

We are able to offer you an alternative method of delivery First Aid For All. This is a package that allows anybody to learn online for FREE. The assessments are conducted in a classroom in a face to face environment. The assessment cost is subsidised by Actions For Survival. Please check it out and see if this method would work for you.

If you want to know more about the courses mentioned here click on the links below.

Two Day Course (12 hours) 6400, 6401, 6402

One Day Course (8 hours) 6401, 6402 

CPR Only (4 hours) 6402

Revalidation Course 6 hours