First Aid For All

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Course Bookings

Where can we hold our assessments?

Your assessment venue is pre-agreed and we will come to you wherever you are in New Zealand providing your facility meets the requirements to hold a first aid course. This includes: 

Building Warrant of Fitness 

Car Parking must be available for our tutor 

A tv/whiteboard/projection wall for our presentation to be set up on 

A room that can facilitate 21 people comfortably , enough floor space to complete CPR assessments 

Good lighting 

We would like to know if your venue provides Tea/Coffee for your guests


How do we organise our assessment dates?


These dates are agreed with you prior to students commencing their online learning. This means that each student has a completion goal and knows when their assessment dates are well in advance.

What happens if we dont get 20 people for our course?


This is not a problem all our courses are designed to accommodate a maximum of 20 students. Even if you were only able to get 10 people for the course, due to our pricing structure it would still work out as one of the cheapest workplace courses around.

There is also the possibility that we may be able to add students to your assessment course by pre-agreement with you. This would then result in your course costs being reduced further in the event that you do not have 20 students.


What happens if we cancel our booking?


Please read our cancellation policy below:

For all first aid group bookings, the following administration fee will apply to cancellations:

(Please note the cancellation hours relate to Monday to Friday only)

Cancellation received 72 hrs prior to the course                         –  10% of course cost plus any incurred costs e.g. flights or accommodation

Cancellation received less than 72 hrs prior to the course       –  50% of course cost plus any incurred costs e.g. flights or accommodation

Cancellation received less than 48 hrs prior to the course       –  100% of course cost plus any incurred costs e.g. flights or accommodation

 Where a course is cancelled prior to the above there will be no course costs charged the only costs incurred will relate to any charges resulting from accommodation and or flights.

 All cancellations must be made in writing, either by fax or email.

Phone:        09 271 2402


Who can attend my assessment course booking?


Anyone who has been provided with your organisation code and has completed the E-Learning prior to the assessment date.




How does the pricing structure work?


The online learning component is completely free to people from registered organisations.

Actions For Survival First Aid for All courses are designed for a maximum of 20 students. 

The assessment course cost is $1, 200.00 + GST which equates to just $60.00 + GST per person + NZQA Reporting fees of $7.90pp. 


What other costs are involved?

The only other cost involved is the NZQA reporting fees which are $7.90 per person.



Online Learning

How many hours of online learning is there?


This course meets the first aid training requirements. Your learning can be completed at your own pace and you may revisit modules of learning as many times as you need to. You should allow at least 8 hours to complete the online learning.


How do I register for First Aid For All?


Registering for First Aid for All is easy, all you have to do is make contact with our team. From here we will discuss with you the process to register yourself or your ogranisation for our course. We will assign you with a unique code that you will use when you sign in at . Once there click on the “Join Us” button and you will be taken to the enrollment page. Simply add your name, email address and the code you were given, then you start your journey to becoming a first aid hero.


How do I check if my staff/team/students have completed their learning?


We are able to provide support that will enable you to check on the progress of all learners. That way everyone is kept on target. 

Simply contact our team and we can send you the progress report for your ogranisation via email.


How long do I have to complete my learning?


The online component is a minimum of 8 hours learning. PLEASE NOTE the online component MUST be completed 48 hours prior to your assessment date where you must have registered for the assessment.


How do I register for an assessment once I have completed my learning?


Once you have completed the online learning you will be directed to a “Decisions” page. You will find a video which will guide you into making the right choice for you. Simply follow the instructions.


Where can we complete the online learning?


The flexibility of First Aid for All allows you to complete your online learning at your own pace on a PC, tablet or smartphone, literally anywhere you have access to an internet connection.

How do we get an organisation code?


Once you have agreed to take part in the First Aid For All project , we will set you up a unique organisation code which will be used to log onto the E-Learning. 


Assessment Details


How long will my assesment be?


If you are undertaking the full course your assessment will be 4 hours long plus any arranged breaks.

If you are undertaking a revalidation course your assessment will be 2 hours long plus any arranged breaks.


What will my assessment be like?


They are practical based assessments. You will be read a scenario, then be required to demonstrate your ability to deal with the medical emergency. Please do not panic. You will already be familiar with the format and given the opportunity to convert the knowledge you have already learned into a practical skill set.


What do I need to bring to my assessment?


Most importantly ourself, a pen and some comfortable clothes. Remember some of the assessments will involve getting down onto the floor.


What happens if I leave the assessment early?


Actions for Survival is committed to ensuring the certificate you receive is compliant with the New Zealand first aid training requirements. In order for this to happen, you will need to complete the whole of the assessment component of the course. This will take four hours in the classroom. If you are unable to complete this requirement we will be unable to issue a full first aid certificate.




How will we receive our certificates?


Once your assessment has been completed your results will be processed at our office. Upon successful completion, your NZQA record of learning will be updated and your certificate will be sent out to either your organisation or yourself as arranged.


Which certificate of achievement will I receive?


Upon successful completion of your online learning, you will be given a choice to register for a workplace assessment or finish the course and receive a downloadable certificate which acknowledges your completion of the theory component only. Please note this certificate is not a recognised workplace qualification.

The opportunity to complete a full workplace certificate unit standards 6400, 6401 and 6402 is available by attending a 4-hour assessment. 


How do I know if I hold a current revalidation certificate?


To register for the Intermediate First Aid Refresher course, you will need to send in a copy of your current first aid certificate to . The office will confirm the currency of your certificate and direct you to have access to the Refresher E-Learning course.


How much does a reprinted certificate cost?


To receive a reprint certificate on card is $5.00 + GST. Contact us via email to request a reprint.


Community Projects

(Please note that due to COVID 19 donations to our community project activities have been put on hold and will be reviewed in 2021).


How do we set up a project?


Upon agreeing to take part in the First Aid for All community project we will arrange assessment dates with you. Once assessment dates have been put in place, we will then discuss and agree with you on a specific community-based project. We will provide you with a contract that outlines our commitment to the agreed project. 


Do we have to set up a project?


No, you do not need to have your own project although we would encourage you to do so, as the purpose of First Aid for All is to assist in creating beneficial community-based projects. Supporting another community project is another alternative, we have a range of projects set up on our page for you to choose from.  Alternatively, if you have no interest in choosing a project, the team at Actions will choose which project the donation will be made to. 


Where does our money go until our project goal is achieved?


All donations will be held in a special account and fully open to scrutiny. 


What happens when we reach our project goal?


When your community project goal has been reached a presentation will be organised at an agreed time.


How can we achieve our project goal faster?


One of our goals is to provide the opportunity for every person in New Zealand to be first aid trained, this is why we have made our online learning completely free. We have designed our initiative to accommodate this vision, allowing the recruitment of people from both inside and outside of your ogranisation. For each person that registers under your code and completes an assessment, a further donation is made to your organisation’s project. The more people we recruit together, the more money and the quicker your project will be realised. 


How do we choose which project we would like to support?


Check out our community projects page (page coming soon) for all the amazing projects we are partnering, from here you can make your choice.



If you have further questions 

Please don't hesitate to contact the team at Actions For Survival, we are here to work with you to ensure you get the very best from the learning.

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