Actions For Survival Recruitment Page 



Welcome to our Employment Opportunities Information Page. As a growing company, Actions for Survival is seeking to develop its team. As new positions become available, they will be listed here. Currently, we are recruiting staff in two categories; the first is regional based tutors for our community-based project First Aid for All.

The second category is specifically for contract positions in the Auckland region.



We know what we need and have a clear criteria. We certainly do not want to waste anybody's time. Of course, you are very welcome to apply but can safely say you are probably not what we are looking for if your CV includes any of the following.

  • Not having the qualifications required to deliver a unit standard-based first aid course, this is a real non-starter.
  • An inability to demonstrate flexibility to reach a diverse audience, this would be a significant issue.
  • A corner cutter, definitely not someone wanted in this organisation.
  • Not committed to training standards and quality of delivery.
  • Failure to pay attention to detail, 
  • Not a team player, you won't fit in here, we have an excellent team.
  • Unwillingness to learn new stuff, not good we tend to learn something new every day.
  • Having personal presentation issues, a real no, no for us.
  • Dire paperwork skills, it needs doing even in the digital age plus our lovely girls in the admin team can get a tad stressed.
  • You identify as being akin to a Jim Henson creation (if you are too young to remember who he is, click here).
  • Your driving skills are likely to attract the interest of the local constabulary. Being registered as a driver training school is not the best look.
  • Not being one of or even the best first aid instructors in New Zealand, oh and Mum's opinion doesn't count here.


Hey, we don't want much, just a few people with extraordinary personalities along with the ability to provide a fun, funky and professional delivery style.

If you have a passion for what we teach and want to make a difference in your community. If you are committed to delivering the best course you have ever done every day, then we would love to chat and get to know you and along the way give you the chance to get to know a bit about us.

During the next few months (COVID -19 willing) we are looking to develop and grow our team. We have an exciting project to make first aid training in New Zealand far more accessible and seeking the best facilitators to help us deliver it.

If you are that special person we are looking for, we would like to sit down and discuss our plans and how we intend to do something exceptional.



In 2018 we began trialling our awesome First Aid For All program. It is a whole lot more than delivering a course and reporting a few unit standards. We have a real opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives in your local community.

So now you know we are looking for the best, and yes we know you don't come cheap, so we have a few carrots to dangle. Including

  • A slinky little black motor to do it in.
  • All the kit needed to deliver First Aid For All and along the way earn some serious wedge.
  • A developing, forward-thinking company that is going places.
  • Some pretty amazing people who can't wait for you to join us.
  • Some pretty cool clobber to show off to punters as they look on in awe at the best first aid course they have ever attended.
  • A team that values you, your opinions and await with bated breath to hear your next great idea.