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What we do

We give people the confidence to save lives 

Welcome to the Actions for Survival website. We are all about creating first aid heroes, and helping people from all walks of life save the lives of friends, family, whanau, colleagues or maybe just somebody that needs help that you may have never met before.


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All our first aid courses have manuals available at no charge

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This is First Aid For All and its where you get to learn for FREE


First Aid For All

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First Aid For All


First Aid for All is a project that was five years in the making. It was built on the experience of Actions for Survival's 16 years of traditional classroom training and influenced by our learners and clients. Feedback told us that that there was a desire for alternative methods of delivery, but it had to be delivered without losing the quality or undermining the importance of first aid training. First Aid for All was born.

First Aid for All has not replaced our traditional training but serves as an alternative way of learning and where needed obtaining a recognised first aid certificate.

Actions for Survival believes that everybody should know at least the basics of managing a medical emergency. We see every person that learns the skills as First Aid Hero's. They have the knowledge and skills to genuinely change another person's life along with their families, friends and work colleagues.

First Aid for All is a FREE learning tool that can lead to a recognised qualification. Actions for Survival subsidise the opportunity to obtain that certificate .  

Actions for Survival is committed to quality and are proud of being awarded Category One status by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

Unit Standard based Course


It is recommended by Worksafe that workers are trained in first aid by an organisation accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). There are two types of first aid course. The first is associated with unit standards. A full first aid certificate typically consists of three unit standards (6400, 6401 and 6402). Each standard describes what a learner needs to know, or what they must be able to achieve, in order to meet the standard. Having met it, they will gain credits towards national qualifications. A unit standard is held for life and added to your NZQA record of learning. Click below Revalidation Course for the second type of course.

For more information on the first aid unit standards check this out 

Revalidation Course


In order to maintain the currency of a first aid certificate, you must complete a Revalidation Course every two years. Its purpose is to refresh your knowledge and apply the skills through demonstration.  This course meets the requirements of the “First aid at work  – February 2020” to revalidate workplace first aid as required by Worksafe.

Please note, First aid certificates must be revalidated every two years, to prevent them from expiring. Currently, you are given a period of three months, or less, past the expiry of your two-year certificate to complete a revalidation course.

For more information on the first aid unit standards check this out

Traditional Courses


Whilst we are keen to promote First Aid For All we recognise that everybody learns differently. We will continue to offer full face to face traditional classroom options for all learners to ensure your needs are met.


Breaking down barriers to learning


why we do it

We’ve been there

Family, friends, and people matter. Unfortunately, life does not always go as planned. We believe that everybody in New Zealand should have the opportunity to learn how to make a difference when the unexpected occurs. All too often, people are left feeling helpless and not knowing what to do in a medical emergency. For us, actions speak louder than words, so we have developed FREE learning for the New Zealand community with the aim of empowering learners with first aid skills and developing their confidence to cope should the need arise.                                                       


We want to offer you real alternatives

People learn differently; over the past 21 years, we have listened to and been guided by our learners and clients. As a result, we have produced flexibility in the way you can learn about first aid. Course duration does not change; there are no shortcuts it is all about the delivery method. For example, a traditional revalidation course duration is six hours of learning and assessment usually delivered over the course of a single day.

For some, this option works well and is their preferred way of learning. This is great as we will always cater to those needs. Our blended learning versions are designed to offer some real alternatives for both companies who do not want to lose their staff for any longer than necessary and individuals seeking a different way to obtain their first aid certificate. To learn more about the differences between the two styles and which one would suit your needs the best click on the link below.



What they say


GleN Cowie 

Service Manager & Learner

I love the training, it’s fun, interesting and never dull. After the training a few years ago I came across a head on accident. I was the first there and the training gave me the confidence to take charge, I was very calm as I knew what I was doing. I’m not sure I would have done the same thing without the training thanks.

Ronel DySsel

Procurement Manager

“Actions for Survival has been conducting the first aid training for Kindercare Learning Centres for 15 years.  They are fantastic to deal with and work in partnership with us to facilitate first aid courses twice a year for employees nationwide.  Their facilitators are experienced, competent and make the training fun whilst still ensuring that the core competencies are met.” 


Traditional First Aid Course pricing

Revalidation Course



Required every two years to maintain the currency of your certificate.

6 hours duration

Prices are inclusive of GST. NZQA reporting costs where applicable $7.90 per person *Full workplace course.

The above pricing is a per head price for further  information,  corporate rates and alternative solutions click the button below.