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  • Introduction

  • Traditional First Aid Courses

  • First Aid For All (Blended Learning)

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Traditional v Blended Learning

People learn differently; over the past 21 years, we have listened to and been guided by our learners and clients. As a result, we have produced flexibility in the way you can learn about first aid. Course duration does not change; there are no shortcuts it is all about the delivery method. For example, a traditional revalidation course duration is six hours of learning and assessment usually delivered over the course of a single day.

For some, this option works well and is their preferred way of learning. This is great as we will always cater to those needs. Our blended learning versions are designed to offer some real alternatives for both companies who do not want to lose their staff for any longer than necessary and individuals seeking a different way to obtain their first aid certificate. To learn more about the differences between the two styles and which one would suit your needs the best click on the tabs above.